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Kids Dental Clinic in Bangalore

Oral care should start during the early years of childhood. Young children are highly prone to early childhood caries, which makes it essential that parents teach them to take good care of their teeth. Paediatric dental care does not end with brushing and washing the mouth only. A simple online search on dentistry for kids near me will guide you to the best options of pediatric dentist Bangalore has. Children should be taken to a dentist for regular checkups, at least twice a year.

Need For Paediatric Dental Checkup

Parents often feel that since their kids do not have permanent teeth yet, it is okay to skip going to a kids dental clinic until they are older. However, this leads to oral health issues, which can even continue into adulthood. Milk teeth are important for chewing, digestion, health and it even affects self esteem. There are several benefits of early oral care.

Prevention Of Diseases

The top pedriatric dentist in Bangalore says that most cases of advanced dental issues and kids root canal treatment could have been easily prevented with early checks. In fact regular checkups are essential during pregnancy itself, to protect from pregnancy dental issues, and to ensure good nutrition, that promotes better development in the baby too. Children are prone to baby bottle cavities, tooth decay and gum infections. With regular dental checkup, it is possible to detect and treat these early. If needed a dentist suggest fluoride gel or varnish coating for younger kids, or pit and fissure sealants, for those above 6, for protection.

Imbibing Good Habits

Brushing and taking care of children’s teeth is different from an adult. Their gums are much softer and their growing teeth need extra care. A good pedriatric dentist in Bangalore will guide you on the best care of your kid’s teeth, eliminating bad habits and imbibe good oral habits. New mothers and children are also offered diet counselling, to help them understand how the food they consume affects their oral health, and offer them options of changing their dietary choices. Children who learn to take care of their teeth early on face lesser dental problems in adulthood.

Correction Of Alignment

Thumb or lip sucking, tongue thrusting etc lead to crooked or poorly aligned teeth, wide-set teeth or gaps between teeth. This encourages the growth of bacteria and decay, resulting in the need for milk tooth filling and other treatments. These can be aggravated with the growing bones of the jaw, and it becomes harder to correct them when older. See a good pedodontist in Bangalore and get necessary corrective treatments. At an early age, your child might not even need braces and minor alignment issues can be corrected quickly and easily using removable plates and orthodontic appliances.

Now that you know the importance of dental care for your little ones, do not wait any longer. Simply Google ‘dentist kids near me’ and book an appointment soon!

Common Paediatric Dental Treatments

Cosmodent India has the best child dentist in Bangalore, along with a top-of-the-line paediatric unit, which makes us the top choice of kids dental clinic for most parents across the city. Here are some of the most common paediatric dental treatments that our clinic offers.

حشوة الاسنان

Milk tooth filling is one of the most common treatments, performed by any pediatric dentist Bangalore has. It is a simple procedure, which cleans away the cavity without grinding the tooth down and fills with a tooth coloured sealant material. Laser filling is excellent for preventing further development of cavities.


It is best to treat any alignment issues early on, as the bones are softer and take the right shape quicker. A good pedodontist in Bangalore will use removable orthodontic appliances, acrylic plates or braces to correct any mal-alignments. Invisible braces, such as Invisalign for teens and kids are an excellent option for kids as it is extremely comfortable, works faster and does not need any adjustment or changes. They look more appealing as well, making your child feel less self-conscious.

معالجة قناة الجذر

Untreated early childhood caries progress to the pulp, causing pain. The solution to this is kids root canal treatment. In this process the dentist drills into the teeth to the root to remove the decayed parts, and it is then fitted with a natural looking crown, which functions just like natural teeth. The pulpectomy is completely painless and performed with age appropriate sized instruments for minimal discomfort.


Sometimes when parents wait too long before searching ‘kids dentists near me’ and taking their kids for a visit, extraction is the only way left. It is usually the last resort for tooth decay and dental issues. However, in case of milk tooth retention, extraction is ideally done as soon as possible to let the adult tooth grow properly.

Emergency Treatments

A majority of the Google searches on ‘dentist kids near me’ are usually for emergency treatments. Children commonly get injured in the playground or while playing at home, which results in wobbly, split, chipped or broken tooth, or poor alignment which can be treated with crowning, braces, extraction, or surgical correction in extreme cases. Another common issue faced is untreated childhood caries progressing to dental abscess, swelling of cheeks and face, and acute pain that calls for immediate treatment. In case of any emergency you can reach Cosmodent on our round the clock emergency number, and our team will guide you on first aid until you reach us.

With the best child dentist in Bangalore on our team, we, at Cosmodent offer a wide range of paediatric treatments, surgeries and preventative oral care for all your needs, including correction of habits such as thumb sucking.

الأسئلة المتداولة حول علاج أسنان الأطفال 

1. When should I take my kid for their first dentist’s appointment?

You should schedule your first visit with the dentist soon after your little one starts growing their first milk tooth, which is at about 6-12 months of age.

2. Will my baby be scared?

Kids who visit the dentist are usually comfortable with dental appointments. A good kids dental clinic will have compassionate staff, age-appropriate instruments and sometimes activities to make the visit comfortable.

3.Does it hurt?

Regular dental examination does not hurt at all. Any procedures that can cause pain are done under local anaesthesia and laughing gas might be used to ease the discomfort or stress of it. Your child might also be prescribed light painkiller to relieve any pain later, when the anaesthesia wears off.

4. Is anaesthesia safe?

It is 100% safe! Most treatments are done under local anaesthesia, which keeps the patient awake through the procedure. Only the treatment area is numbed. Rarely do we use general anaesthesia, and even then the full mouth oral procedure is usually performed in a single sitting.

5. Are painkillers safe?

Any pedriatric dentist in Bangalore will prescribe only painkillers that are completely safe for children. Usually these are very low dose, and only to be taken if necessary.

6. Is there any home treatment for tooth pain?

In case on emergency clove oil can offer temporary fix but pain is a sign of deeper issues so it is important that you search ‘kids dentists near me’ and take your little one to a professional for inspection and treatment.

Cosmodent India is an award-winning chain of dental clinics. We offer a range of treatments and surgeries under the best paediatric dentists, surgeons and pedodontists. Your search for the best ‘dentistry for kids near me’ ends here. With top dentists of the country like specialist pedodontist Dr Komal Nebhnani and expert orthodontist Dr Hussain Wardhawala onboard, we have the best paediatric facility for all your child’s needs. Book an appointment today for all-round care for your little one’s oral health!

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